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What_about_julz Graphics

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This is the graphic journal of lildancinbabi88. In it will be icons, headers, FO banners, etc. of different fandoms. All the entries can be found in the memories.

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My name is Alex. I've been making graphics for about a year now. I'm 15 going into my sophmore year.

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*Commenting is preferable. I like to know who is taking my icons. Also it helps me see what people like and what they don't this way I can make icons that more people will use.
*Crediting is mandatory. Enough said.
*NO hotlinking please. There are plenty of free image hosting sites out there that you can use.
*No stealing anything or reposting anywhere.
*I may take requests depending on my mood and what the request is.
*Enjoy! :)

If anyone would like to affiliate, let me know.